Simplify your World with these Life Hacks

Life hacks are simple, common sense, low budget tips and tricks to make your life a grade simpler than before. It can be anything from organizing space, preserving products or adding life to things.


So check out these quirky life hacks and make your life simpler-

  1. So you are almost finished with your jar of nutella but can’t let it go? Put a scoop of ice cream in it and enjoy before you say a final goodbye to the jar.
  2. Color the similar looking keys with different nail paints to recognize them instantly.
  3. Use tin or can openers to open blister packs and avoid cutting your hands.
  4. Use a hair straightener to iron collars of the shirts.
  5. In a drawer, always stack the clothes vertically so you can see them all.
  6. Use a hair clutcher to hold the roll of long cables and wires.
  7. Rub toothpaste on dirty and hazy looking car headlights and get make them look shiny.
  8. While having your drink from a can, put your straw through the can opener provided to prevent the straw from popping out again and again.
  9. While warming your food in the microwave, leave a circular space in the middle. This will ensure that the food heats up more evenly.
  10.  Use your old cassette cases as mobile holders. Open the holders and turn them around, use the space for cassette to hold your mobile.
  11. Chew gum while you cut onions so you do not have to be teary-eyed.
  12. To clean the shower heads, put some vinegar in a polythene bag and tie it around overnight. Wipe off gently in the morning to get a clean and shiny shower head.

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